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Occasionally employers have a need for externally appointed investigators or decision makers in internal disciplinary or grievance proceedings.

This might occur where for instance a grievance is legally complex; or alternatively it might arise where there are simply insufficient trained managers within an organisation to properly conduct all stages of a disciplinary or grievance process (i.e. investigation, first instance decision making and appeals). 

Workwise Legal can provide investigators or decision makers where an independent person is required. We will ensure that procedures are fair and that your legal bases are covered.  
Overall, fees will vary due to the complexity and length of what is required. 
Contact Madeleine Hughes (details here) for an initial no obligation discussion regarding your requirements and likely pricing.
Please note: we cannot provide this service to clients where we have already advised on a matter, because this would not allow us to be independent. If you are an existing Workwise Legal client, we will assist you with suggestions for other independent investigators.

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