Workwise +

All of the solicitors at Workwise Legal have spent years working on numerous employment tribunal claims. We are always struck by how often disputes which should have been nipped in the bud, simply get out of hand. Litigation is expensive to all parties -  financially, organisationally and also emotionally. Even an employer who wins a claim has usually spent substantial money on it (or will see their insurance premiums rise).


Sometimes it is worth spending a little in advance to know that your organisation is in good shape to avoid claims; or to be sure that you have carried out a procedure fairly. We are also very interested in how a well managed workplace culture can help to prevent conflict and disputes.  We can assist employers with this kind of enhanced HR in the following ways:

  • Independent workplace mediations

  • Independent appointments as investigators or decision makers in disciplinary or grievance procedures

  • Training and lecturing

  • Equality and diversity auditing

  • HR auditing

Some of these services (such as the first two listed above) are by their nature independent appointments and therefore we cannot also act as your advisor or representative. However, our other Workwise + Services are available to all. Please don't hesitate to contact Alison Humphry to discuss your requirements and likely cost.