Helping Employees

Helping Employees

We can assist you with:

Advice on settlement agreements

A settlement agreement is one which records the terms of a settled claim or the terms on which your employment will end. For the agreement to be effective, a solicitor must advise you about the terms and effect of the agreement. We’re experienced in explaining legal concepts in a straightforward way. We will usually be able to advise within your employer’s contribution towards legal costs, and will tell you in advance if this is not the case.

Advice about your legal position

“Can my employer do this?” Sometimes you just want to know what the position is, so that you can think about your next move. We can advise you on your legal position and discuss practical options for workplace based resolution, often for a fixed fee.

Negotiation of settlements or termination payments

Sometimes an agreed termination of your employment can be the way to resolve a dispute. If you need advice and help negotiating a deal, we can help.

Representation in Employment Tribunal or other employment related claims

We have more extensive experience of litigation than many employment solicitors. While we think that other options should be explored first, sometimes litigation is the only possible way to resolve a dispute. You can be confident that when this is the case, we’ll fight all the way for you.

We’re friendly, flexible, and happy to talk. Please give us a call on 020 3740 7403 or 0113 834 6484 to discuss your requirements or contact us by email.