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Independent workplace mediations

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that can be used to try to re-set difficult relationships, identify parties’ interests and requirements, and invite parties to see their conflict from a different perspective.  Mediation can be effective in resolving deteriorating workplace relationships.  It is also less costly than litigation. 

We have qualified and experienced workplace mediators who can assist you, on an independent basis, in resolving workplace issues, or if matters have progressed, employment tribunal claims.

Judith Hogarth is our principal mediator. Judith is an experienced mediator (and trainer of other mediators!).  Please see her profile here

If instructed, we contact each party prior to mediation and invite them to sign a mediation agreement. We then attend the mediation where we will assist the parties in hopefully reaching a successful resolution.  Most mediations are completed within one day.

Contact Alison Humphry or Judith Hogarth (details here) for an initial no obligation discussion regarding your requirements and likely cost.

*Please note that because mediators must be independent, we cannot supply this service to an employer or employee who is already an existing client.

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